Thankful For Fire And Family

plate with canldesFall has been my favorite season for quite a while, especially since I love to decorate for the holidays. When the weather starts to cool off, I know it is time to get out my pumpkins and warm spices. I live in one of those comfortable, country home designs with a huge yard full of beautiful leaves blanketing the ground. Yellows, oranges & browns soon cover what used to be vibrant green grass. Bonfires and fireplaces start to consume my evenings.  The warmth and charm of fire appeals to all of my senses. Candles begin to fill up every table and available space that is suitable for fire-filled ambiance. Not only is it comforting, but candles also allow me to fulfill my creative abilities.

I think my favoritism of candles originated from my days as a child. My family lived in one of those rather small, two-bedroom ranch homes near the mountains. Nighttime would always bring about the cold; even on some summer nights it would get pretty chilly outside. We didn’t have much back then to entertain us like we do nowadays. There were no ipads, ipods, kindles, or computers with endless internet usage. We were lucky if our radio would work properly most days. My mother had many hobbies that she passed on to me. The one that I enjoyed the most was candle-making. We would make them out of a combination of beeswax and paraffin. The beeswax would burn pure and clean, and the paraffin was easily attainable. Mom would show me how to use mint & berries to create the best smelling candles. Then at night, when it got cold outside, we would always light several candles all around the house. It felt so cozy, warm and smelled great.

Now that we live in modern times, candles are more frequently used more as decoration, rather than for warmth. I always have candles in my master bathroom next to my bathtub. I love the relaxing mood that they create. I start by trimming the wick, and then light them while I start my bath water running. When I am finished, I always try to remember to blow them out for safety, since my cat really likes to knock things over.

Other than that, I also keep candles all throughout the other rooms in my house. I have a lot of fun creating my candle arrangements. I often use pre-made candles, since they are readily available. However, I do occasionally buy the wax & wicks so I can make them the old fashioned way, like mom used to do. Then I take a decorative plate and arrange several pillar candles on it. The pillar candles provide ample long-term usage and those candles usually last me through Christmas. The most enjoyable part is sprucing up the plate with seasonal items, such as rocks, acorns, pinecones and potpourri. I also really like tealight burners, especially for my foyer. The tealight will only burn for a few hours and usually burns out in its own time, but it warms the highly scented wax tart and produces the most delightful aromas.

Although I have candle arrangements for all of the seasons, the fall is the best time for them because the colder weather inspires me to actually light my arrangements. Every time my mom comes over to visit during the holidays, she always marvels over my candle creations. Then we get to reminisce on our past candle lessons when I was a child. I remind her every year of her valuable teachings, how thankful I am for them and how thankful I am for such a wonderful mom.

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