My Love For Light

luxury foyer with European wrought iron chandelier


I love chandeliers. Ever since I was kid, I was obsessed with the beauty of the floating lights that sparkled in my parents’ two-story foyer. They create this enchanting atmosphere of luxury as well as supplies practical light to the interior spaces. They are perfect as focal points and come in all kinds of varieties. The appearance of medieval chandeliers with candle-like lights is my favorite type of hanging light fixtures. Of course, however, nowadays we have the advances of electrical lighting, so there is no need to use actual candles to supply light. Additionally, my husband and I just built one of those extravagant European home plans, so the medieval designs of chandeliers fit in perfectly with the style of our house.

When we designed this home after looking at so many dream luxury home plans, I knew that I wanted to have hanging light fixtures everywhere. We began with the most common spaces that usually have chandeliers, which are the foyer and dining room. Since our foyer has a circular window above the front door, we centered the chandelier so that it may be seen through that front window. Our second floor indoor balcony overlooks the two-story foyer, so we knew that we wanted something extravagant and a light fixture that matched the style of the foyer. The stairs have this beautiful wrought-iron railing, so we decided on a chandelier that echoes this appearance. And of course I found one with the classic candle-like lights that I adore.

stunning chandelier in the dining room





Then we moved onto the formal dining room. It is important in a room where meals will be served to have ample light to see your food. I found the perfect lighting, once again with the candle-esque appearance, and even got light bulbs with a higher wattage so there is plenty of illumination in the dining room. When we hung it, I measured the height to be sure that it was about three feet above the center of the table. This way no one will be bumping into it when sitting down and getting up from dinner.



rustic hearth room with chandelier





Our gorgeous hearth room with its rustic qualities needed light as well. I figured that a chandelier between the two exposed wood beams would be an excellent accent to the stone fireplace and natural flooring. Since this space is a bit smaller than the foyer and dining room, I found a light fixture that was a bit smaller in diameter. It also matched some candle fixtures that I had near the fireplace and I found iron wall decorations that complete the theme. Thanks to the extra recessed lighting in the ceiling, we were not too concerned to have a high wattage of light for this chandelier.


cozy study with chandelier







By this time with our lighting fixture adventure, my husband was bored at looking at one light fixture after another. But my love for light was only glowing more brightly. For my own enthusiasm, I set out to find a chandelier for the office. We planned out this study space to have rich, dark wood tones with a curved top window and bookshelves. I actually found this chandelier at an antique shop. It is made of dark, curved wrought iron that looks exquisite in the comfortable office space.


inviting master bedroom with unique chandelier




I still wasn’t done with my lighting extravaganza. I figured one more chandelier would satisfy my obsession with hanging lights. What better place to have an enchanting chandelier than in the bedroom when I drift off to sleep? I found the perfect one with these cute little crystals that look like flower buds. It also has the decorative candle lights with bulbs where the flames would be, just like the ones that I love. Now that my environment is complete with hanging light fixtures, I can sit back and bask in the calming and elegant light of my remarkable chandeliers.

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