Breaking In The Wet Bar


dark wood wet bar


For the longest time, the daylight basement of our house plan remained a pretty much unfinished space. My wife and I both worked full time and we had four young kids, so there wasn’t much spare time available. At first, it was used primarily as storage space but as the kids grew, we began to use it more as an entertainment room. It started with a little television and plastic play toys, but soon it developed into a large media center complete with built-in shelves and comfy couches.  As the kids grew older, they really appreciated the extra space to hang out with their friends and watch a movie. Once the two older ones were out of the house and the two younger ones were in high school, I felt it was time to finish off that empty tiled corner.  Our first choice was a pool table, but we moved on from that idea since we already had a game table downstairs. After going over our budget, we decided on installing a brand new wet bar into our Craftsman home and its openly designed lower level. We figured that the extra cabinet space and another refrigerator would really enhance our entertaining and storage opportunities. Plus, my wife and I really enjoy a glass of wine.

Since we had plenty of space and a huge budget, we decided to go all in and get something that will really be eye-catching. We had no idea that there would be so many possibilities of sizes and styles. It became clear that we were going to need the help of a professional. After some researching and shopping around, we found a remodeling company that offered awesome prices and helped us put together the perfect bar for our lower level.

There were so many options that they presented to us. We could do a single wall wet bar, floor-to-ceiling wet bar, or a pass-through wet bar in wood or stainless steel. The cherry wood finish is just gorgeous and it matched the other built-ins that we already have with the media center, so that was our first choice. Choosing cabinets was a painstaking task as well, since it seemed that there were endless possibilities. We thought that the cabinets with glass doors would be excellent for showing off our collections of glasses and antique pots. It was my wife’s brilliant idea to install a mirror above the sink to open up the area and reflect our collection of wine as a nice touch. The inside of the bar is just as gorgeous as the more visible parts and provides us with the much-needed cabinets and storage drawers for our blender, mixer, drink essentials and snack food. I think the refrigerator is our favorite part because it blends with the rest of the cabinetry and is big enough to fit a kegerator inside and keep it cold. I have always dreamed of having icy, draft beer available for movie nights with friends.

The remodelers were excellent and very professional. Since we have a rear-entry driveway and one of those walk-out basement house plans, no one had to haul the heavy bar pieces down any stairwells. They even installed a trio of beautiful lights above the bar space for a comfortable, yet dramatic effect. Additionally, they didn’t have to add much plumbing since the wall that the bar was being built against is shared with the bathroom on the other side. Within a few days, our family was enjoying our brand new wet bar. In fact, the older kids were the first to stop by and revel in the icy, cold refreshments. It is the perfect addition to our Arts and Crafts home, and I even got the “ok” from the wife to display my antique gramophone on our pristine, gorgeous bar. So, now I can say, “Life is complete.”

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