The Perfect Craftsman Ranch

craftsman ranch front exterior

Well, we thought it would never happen, but our little girl is ready to buy a house!! Just last month, her long time boyfriend proposed to her and they have decided to look around for a starter home. She has been living with us in one of those European house designs. It is a two-story with a stone exterior and high ceilings on the inside. We even have a Victorian style turret that makes the outside look gorgeous and gives plenty of light to the staircase inside. Our walk-out basement also gave us plenty of room and entertainment space as the kids got older. Plus, the rear patio is perfect for parties and we have enjoyed landscaping it through the years.

As much as she loves our house, our daughter realizes that this was not our first home. It took us years to be comfortable enough to build our dream home. Before that, my husband and I lived in one of those quaint ranch home plans. It was 1,200 square feet with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Since we lived in Houston at the time, classic ranch homes in that region have stucco exteriors and slab foundations. It wasn’t very big, but seemed much bigger on the inside thanks to the open living spaces. We decided to buy that home because we absolutely loved the patio spaces. It had a covered front porch and decorative dormers in the front, while the rear enjoyed a huge patio that we spent hours landscaping and watching sunsets. It may not have been much, but it was the perfect beginner home for us. We loved it with all our hearts.

Several years and two kids later, we decided to relocate to the St. Louis area, since much of our family lives in Missouri. We hadn’t realized it before, but ranch homes have a very different style in the Midwest than they do in the Southwest. They also have changed a lot in the past twenty years. Now there are subdivisions after subdivisions of ranch style homes. Some were very rustic in style, probably since construction for that design is a bit cheaper. Others had elaborate entryways and elevated rooflines. These were obviously newer constructed homes since they incorporate different housing styles. We even noticed many elaborate ranch homes that had European style and luxurious interiors.

Our daughter and her fiancé asked us to go with them to look at a few houses that they wanted to see. The first one was a two-story home across town. Although it had a fenced backyard, we all didn’t like how cramped it felt inside. It was a split-foyer design with very compartmentalized rooms. The second house was a ranch home in a subdivision. They really enjoyed the openness of the interior, but did not like being that close to other homes. Plus it had a slab foundation, and they were really looking for a basement. The third house was the charm. It was only a few miles from us and had a field in the backyard. We loved the colors of the house too. It is definitely influenced by Craftsman style homes with brick accents and natural brown hues. It even had a basement for plenty of extra space.

We knew right away that this is the perfect home for them. Within a month, they bought the house and were happily moved in. I love that they are so close and can come visit us whenever they want. Once we get our youngest out of the house, we just may look into getting a retirement ranch home for ourselves. Maybe we will look into a stucco home, like we used to have in Texas. But I think this one will definitely have to be more luxurious, since I loved having a big bathroom with a whirlpool tub.

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