Cut The Kitchen Clutter

organized Craftsman kitchen

My family just moved into one of those gorgeous craftsman homes because we needed more space and loved that it one of those open floor plans. It has a beautiful covered front porch with built-in benches, so we can sit and relax and enjoy the masses of stars that show up on a clear night. If you have ever moved before, you understand the stress, mess and clutter that I have been going through for the past few weeks. Especially with the kids, cleaning becomes an everyday event in my house.

We finally got most of the essentials out of boxes, but a lot of the rooms remain a pretty big mess, the worst being the kitchen. The kitchen is definitely the most popular spot of our home. We visit it several times a day for meals and it has become a dumping ground backpacks, keys, mail and everything else that the dog drags in. Luckily, charming country kitchens like my new one have plenty of cabinet and counterspace that makes it easier to organize.

At our old home, we had some handy coat hangers and a useful bench with drawers between the foyer and the kitchen. It was perfect for coats, backpacks and storing on-the-go items. Our new home features a beautiful built-in bench and storage cabinets that not only adds style but also give the family a place to throw their stuff, so that I can conveniently pick it up later.

Even though we have this handy center, plenty of odd and ends still find their way into my perfect kitchen. Since we now have this awesome center island, I designated the drawer, second to the left, the “junk” drawer. This way, when items get left on the counter, I simply sweep them into the drawer. So when the kids whine at me later, saying “Mom, where did you put that thing I left?,” I can quickly respond, “It’s in the junk drawer, just like yesterday and the day before.” It sometimes takes them a bit longer to catch on.

Back to my lovely new kitchen, it has this amazing hanging rack above the island that I just love! It is elegantly designed and just perfect for my pots and pans. Now I have more space in the cabinets since the larger utensils are hanging above. And when nighttime approaches, the above lighting in the kitchen glimmers of my brass pots and looks spectacular!

One positive thing I can say about moving tons and tons of kitchen stuff, it definitely made me decide which items I use more often and which items that I never use. I found that I have a hoard of cookie cutters, some that still have the price stickers on them. In efforts to keep the kitchen clutter-free, I decided to keep them in a box and stored them in a cabinet. This way they are not taking up useful space in my much needed drawers. As I was unpacking, I also came across a lot of older pots that I do not use anymore, so I donated them to a thrift store.

I cannot express how lovely it is to have this exceptional, new kitchen. I have made a promise to myself to keep it looking fresh and uncluttered. Now, if only the rest of the family will make that promise also, my life would be complete!

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