Decorating My Screened Porch

stylish screened porch


Every few seasons, I get the urge to re-decorate my glorious screened porch. I have one of those beautiful Craftsman homes with a grand open floor plan. The kitchen flows into the screen porch with a great view of our swimming pool. I like to keep the porch as comfortable as possible, since my family and friends spend lot of time there during the warmer months.

Last spring, I had a bright orange, yellow and red striped throw rug with white wicker furniture. I would continuously cut fresh flowers and put them in vases around the room. Lilies and roses are among my favorite flower smells, and they grew well in my flower garden outside. The yellow in the roses and bright orange lilies accented the rug and matching cushions incredibly well. I loved using nature around my house to decorate the sunroom, however, it was becoming a chore to be constantly replacing and cleaning up the flowers as they died off.

This spring, I have decided to go with a much different atmosphere for my screened porch. The old rug was so worn that I had to throw it out. I took the white wicker furniture and moved it outside on the deck to make room for new furniture on the porch. As I was shopping around for items, I saw these bright blue and lime green candles. I realized that I could replace my fresh flowers with these candles for the new season. That way I do not have to always be searching for new flowers and still get fragrant smells in my room. I just loved that the blue matched the view of the swimming pool, so I decided to incorporate the lime green in the rest of my color scheme. After all, designers say that it is an excellent design move to have punches of color for visual interest. Just to my luck, I found these bright green throw pillows, some with patterns, that I knew were going to go perfect with the candles. I also spotted this gorgeous lantern that could hold one of the candles. However, my search for new furniture was turning up unsuccessful.

It was at the third store that I visited when I finally saw something I liked. There was this adorable set of dark brown poly rattan furniture with tan cushions.  I was very excited about the rattan because I knew that it would hold up a bit better than the old wicker. Now that I have the color of the furniture decided, I needed to focus on finding a coffee table. I remembered back at one of the other stores there was this awesome marble-like tan coffee table with a matching end table with black metal legs. This was perfect for matching the black connections that hold the screens. Also, I knew the little end table would be perfect for displaying decorations or just another great spot to rest a drink.

I was so excited that my new porch color scheme was finally coming together, but I still felt like something was missing.  I already had a black iron table with four matching chairs that I wanted to leave on the porch, so I was running out of room for more furniture. As I was strolling down the isles, a green artificial tree caught my eye. I figured it would be perfect to add a bit of greenery without the worry of it dying like the flowers. I knew that my newly decorated three-season room was going to be the most magnificent design yet, and I can’t wait to relax on my new rattan furniture!

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