My Own Exercise Room!


home exercise room

I love exercising. I love that feeling you get when your heart starts pumping and you start sweating off the calories. I love the relaxation after you get a hard workout. However, I don’t love going to the gym and finding the time to get away from the kids to go to the gym. I think I need to invest in some exercise equipment that I can have in my own home.

We live in one of those Georgian style house plans that is traditional on the outside, but more contemporary on the inside. It’s a two-story with a basement, and is perfect for my husband and our two children. I teach while the kids are in school, so it can be difficult to find the time to exercise. I am usually with my family after school, which makes it hard to get to the gym. And just going on the weekends doesn’t cut it for me. I would love to be able to exercise everyday.

So after some discussions, we came up with the solution to turn the spare room into an exercise room. First things first, we had to clean it out. We first wanted the spare room to be a playroom, but the kids enjoy playing in their own rooms. It slowly turned into a storage/junk room over the years. It was always so easy to just say, “Throw in it the junk room,” and then forget about it. Well, the junk room piled up pretty quickly. We threw a lot of the stuff away and the useable items we gave to the thrift store. It took about a week, but we were able to clean out the room bare.

I had forgotten what a pretty room it is with hardwood floors and a sunny window. It is going to be the best workout room. A lot of people like to decorate their exercise room with bright, energetic colors, but I really find natural colors most soothing. First, we painted the walls a tan color that compliments the dark hardwood floors. The trim and window got a fresh coat of white for a bit of stark contrast. Another week down and another step closer to having a personal gym.

Now the room was looking very comfortable, but feeling a bit small. What better way to expand the space than a wall of mirrors? This was a tricky task, since handling large pieces of glass can be very dangerous. We decided to hire some professionals to deliver and install them for us. They even put white matching trim around them to secure the glass into place. Week three came and went, yet still closer to getting my own workout room.

Finally we felt ready to get some exercise equipment. I decided on a treadmill and my mother-in-law had an exercise bike that was hardly ever used. But before we got the equipment, the room needed some warmth. So I found this flat, tan rug that was perfect for protecting the floor from scrapes as well as adding some texture to the space. It was so nice to see my personal exercise room come to life from that drab bonus room that we had previously filled with junk. I threw some decorative plants in the corners and hung some pictures on the walls for even more relaxed atmosphere. I can’t wait to now have one of those homes with an exercise room everyday; just after I get some rest from all the designing I did for it!

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