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Our family had a wonderful time during the holidays. There was so much excitement and our home was beautifully decorated with holly, pinecones, ribbon and festive garland. Now that everything is cleaned up and put away our home looks kind of dull. We tend to hibernate now until spring and watch movies, have game nights and entertain friends but after a while the walls start to close in. And the walls are closing in quickly, the dull has turned to drab and I need to get moving and spend time fixing up the interior of our home.

We live in one of those beautiful Craftsman style home plans that has an open floor plan and lots of windows, but we have not painted or decorated since we moved in and that was over five years ago. I have a good friend that is a decorator and in exchange for a free meal she gave me some great advice as to what is up and coming for 2011.

One thing for sure is that green is in – not referring to the color but the way we live our everyday lives. No matter how or what we decorate with it is important to think about the impact on our environment. Many homeowners are switching to low impact living and purchasing nontoxic paint, low-emittance windows and doors to block UV rays, recycled products, chemical free LED lights, green toilets that use less water and the list is endless. So as you read on keep the thought in the back of your mind – how can you decorate the green way and use items you already have?

vintage style bedroom

Vintage is back in style. Take those pieces of furniture with round, tapered legs on angles, geometric accents and any original item from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, add some new upholstery, paint or stain and you have a perfect vintage piece transformed like new. This also holds true for light fixtures and period pieces formed in bronze, copper and clay. With reusing these pieces you will create a truly eclectic décor that is fun and uplifting.

bold wallpaper in dining area

Don’t be afraid to go for the WOW factor when it comes to adding color. Paint, wallpaper, and bold artwork are all great ways to add energy to your space. Turquoise, lime green, bright orange and aqua blue will easily brighten up the dullest room or create a tropical paradise in your outdoor living space. To offset some of the bold and bright are the tried and true colors like sage green, barn red and mocha brown.  And yes – I did mention wallpaper. I have spent numerous hours removing old, worn paper from many walls but it is actually reappearing in many new patterns and textures that are full of energy and life and many of them are produced from recycled and natural materials.

Don’t look down, look up, for a new canvas that is basically open and free of clutter. I am talking about the ceiling or what is being referred to as the “fifth wall.” The advice I received was to paint the ceilings in bold colors, accent them with trim or border colors and then find a beautiful light fixture to set the entire room off. So many fixtures create a beautiful design created by light hitting the ceiling are far too often it gets lost on bare white ceilings. The color adds so much to the space, try it in one room and see if it suits your style. This is sometimes difficult to do with large open spaces so try the dining room or den.

As many homes today are decreasing in size it is important to make the most of each square foot. Take the time to declutter and organize each room so you don’t feel claustrophic when entering. Your home should be warm and inviting and every piece should have a function. Many pieces of great furniture can be dual purpose. End tables can double as a great place to store blankets and throws. Either roll them up or put them in wicker baskets. Storage ottomans can hold magazines or photo albums and with the lid turned over can be used as a TV tray.  Just be creative and you will find the perfect item for your space.

A great place to get started with finding the perfect pieces are at flea markets, garage sales or in your own home. So now when you hear the saying, “Out with the old and in with the new” you can think – not so fast – I just might be able to reuse that. Don’t let the winter blues set in this year, get revved up and reenergized and start redecorating your home full steam ahead.

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