A Safer Home Everyday

My family and I live in what I would consider a safe neighborhood. We live in one of those ranch house plans in a subdivision, but we are always gone. Whether we are gone at work, taking the kids to their sporting events or vacationing, I am worried that one of these times our house will get broken into.

We have awesome neighbors that usually watch over our house if we go out of town for an extended period of time, but all of these weekend trips for sporting events are too frequent to rely on a neighbor all the time. We are looking for other tips and tricks to keep our home safe. So I have been asking around and trying to gather ideas. I learned creating the illusion that we are home and keeping the blinds or curtains closed in the room a burglar would most likely break into makes the burglar think there are people home and prevents them from wanting to break in.

Here are some other guidelines I found by just asking around and doing some research.

  • Use exterior lighting and motion detectors to minimize burglar camouflage.
  • Keep the garage door shut at all times. This eliminates the possibility of someone waiting in a dark garage for us to return as well as someone having availability to tools and ladders that could be used to break into our home.
  • Do not leave extra keys under doormats. Instead of hiding them outdoors, leave a spare key with a trustworthy neighbor or nearby family member.
  • Have a neighbor or friend collect our mail and newspapers. Never cancel delivery because who knows who has that information available to them.
  • Never advertise that we won’t be home on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

home alarm keypad


We have also decided as a family it is worth it to install a security system that offers burglary coverage. This will give us the greatest protection and peace of mind during all of our travels. With all these helpful tips, my family and I will feel so much safer about going out of town for the weekend and leaving our ranch home.

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