Love My Hot Tub

hot tub near pool area

If you ask me, Autumn is the best time to soak in a hot tub. The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are falling, providing the perfect atmosphere for relaxing in hot water. I have a history of back problems and used to get to a community center to use their hydrotherapy facilities. A few years ago, my wife and I decided to invest in our very own hot tub to place on our rear terrace. We were surprised at the many different types of hot tubs that are available. We found ones that were made of are wood, plastic, and steel materials. Since I was spending the money for a hot tub, I didn’t want something that looked like a giant barrel from ancient times, so we decided against the wooden barrel tub. The stainless steel ones were reported to be very easy to clean, however, it seemed a bit too cold in appearance for my tastes. There were a huge variety of plastic hot tubs that made it hard to pick only one. Each one had its own unique shape, amount of water jets and other extras. Although I wanted the one with the built-in television and DVD player, my wife took it upon herself to remind me of our budget. After much protest and discussion, we finally agreed on one and loaded it into our truck for the ride home.

A friend of mine is familiar with plumbing and installing items such as hot tubs, so he came over and we had it up and running in no time. He also gave me great instructions on how to properly maintain my new addition. I will have to change the filters often and replenish with cleansing chemicals when I do. If it starts to feel slimy and really dirty, then I need to drain it completely and use a cleanser to scrub the tub before refilling with fresh water.

Once it was installed, we tried it out and it was amazing. However, it was a bit difficult to get in and out of, so I planned out a deck that I built around it. This provided so much more convenience for using the tub. Since I was on a roll with my do-it-yourself projects, I went ahead and constructed a beautiful trellis above the outdoor living area. I figured that this would provide a bit more shelter above the tub as well as create an enchanting atmosphere. Also, I could always cover the trellis with a shade cloth for even more protection.

We found out very soon that safety around the hot tub is a very important thing to consider. During one of our hot tub parties, one of our guests had had a bit too much to drink and almost passed out in the water. Luckily, there were many people around and we were able to pull him to safety. The hot, bubbly water is enough to make one feel sleepy, but when mixed with alcohol, it can be deadly. The temperature in the water can sometimes reach 103 degrees, but we try to regulate it at around 99 to 100 degrees. Now we make sure that our guests are well hydrated and alert before entering the tub.

Since hygiene is another important aspect to maintaining a clean tub, we decided to build an outdoor shower close by the area. The shower wasn’t that difficult to install off the rear of our Mediterranean home design. We already had a water faucet out there, so I did a bit of remodeling and made that area into a shower stall. One of our rules is to shower with soap before entering the tub. Another rule is to never submerge your head under the water for safety and health issues. We also avoid using glasses anywhere near the tub. One time a glass broke and I had to completely drain the tub to be sure I got all the glass pieces out. Enforcing safety rules have made our hot tub experience even more relaxing and comfortable. We haven’t had any incidents for over a year now and we are enjoying our hot tub on a regular basis.

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