Finding Kitchen Storage Space

organized kitchen pantry


There is no question that the busiest place in my home is the kitchen. Even home plans with country kitchens never seem to be big enough! With that being said, it often ends up looking like a disaster zone. Keys, backpacks, mail and other junk gets left there, and before long I cannot find the counter anymore. Not to mention the fact that my new set of pots and pans do not fit anywhere in the cabinets. I think it is that time of year that I desperately need to do some spring cleaning and reorganization.

First I set out to tackle the kitchen drawers. It seemed like a nice and easy starting point. So I took everything out of the drawers and into the other room for sorting. And when I say everything, I mean EVERY thing, so I could also wipe down and spray the inside of the drawers. I had so many cooking utensils that I have never even used. Some of them even had the price stickers on them, so I put those aside to give away. Other utensils that I hardly ever use, I boxed up and put then in the garage for storage. When all that was said and done, I put everything back in the drawers and ended up having two completely free drawers for extra space.

Day two was set on tackling the cabinets. I did the same as with the drawers and pulled out everything to clean the insides. My cabinets were so disorganized. I had Tupperware containers in just about every space. You can really tell that we just throw it in any available space, instead of taking care to stack them neatly. It was then that I realized that I should totally utilize the hanging space above the center island. I have seen on the home remodeling shows how some people hang their pots from above. After convincing my husband of the benefits, he installed a hanging grate above the island for the pots and pans. I have to admit that I really do think it looks beautiful. The pots are so pretty and definitely add country flair. Plus, now they are out of the way, but still easily accessible for when I really need them. It also cleared out two of my cabinets!

Now with the storage space nice and tidy, it was time to free up the space on the counter. It was very handy now having more empty cabinet and drawer space for the stuff that gathers dust on the counter. I was able to put away the ice cream maker, toaster and coffee maker into a cabinet. Plus the cabinet is readily available for when I want a toasted bagel. I just have to remind myself and my family to put it back when they are finished. I have to say, I had forgotten how lovely my countertops appear. Not only could I see them again, but I also gave them a thorough cleaning. Now they practically sparkle!

Finally, I decided to do a bit of decorating with the space above the cabinets. Before, we did not have anything up there. I suppose we just overlooked that space. Now that the kitchen was gorgeous again, I took a bit of time and put some decorations up there. It was also the perfect place to store some of my wicker baskets that were too pretty to pack up into storage. I am amazed at how nice everything looks! Now only to keep it that way…


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