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country victorian style home

I have heard that the healthier a home is then the healthier the homeowners will be. I consider myself a pretty healthy person, but my home is a different story. It was built several decades ago and has definitely seen better days. It is one of those country homes, with Victorian accents like a gorgeous turret-style exterior. The home itself was built with efficiency in mind with a separated entrance from the rest of the home. However, I noticed a bunch of new creaks when walking up the stairs the other day, and come to find out, we had to replace a few of the steps. This made me wonder what else in the home needed repair. It was time for me to do a little house inspection.

I started in the basement looking for damages and was happy to find no cracks in the foundation. This was my first worry because I have heard about other homes in our area that had settling and drainage issues. I did notice some mold near the water heater. It probably developed since the basement can sometimes be moist. I cleaned it up and replace the water and air filters for the appliances down there. I also purchased an air purifier for that particular room. Hopefully it will help keep the air cleaner and the moisture away.

The main level of my home was the next stop on my checklist. Although the home itself was somewhat old, the living spaces were rather up to date. We had tore out old carpeting several years ago, and replaced it with wood floors. They look beautiful and are much easier to keep clean. We also ripped down the old 1970’s floral wallpaper that was hung in the living room. It wasn’t that it was ugly, although it was bright orange and dark brown. We just felt that it looked incredibly out of date. Instead, we picked out a neutral beige paint that was low VOC. It complimented our naturally brown floor and was perfect for accenting with other colors. We also decorated the first floor by referring to Feng Shui. My husband thought I was crazy, but he admits that he loves the end result. I used mirrors and natural colors to create positive energy. I also placed several lamps throughout the space to help create a comforting mood perfect for any occasion.

The second floor was updated when we redesigned the first floor, except the second floor needed a good cleaning. Clutter and dust has piled up in the bedrooms. So I got out my new vacuum, that is complete with a HEPA filter, and started moving furniture around to get every crevice of the room. Luckily, the only pests that I found were a few dead flies near the window. That is not too bad considering how often I got around to cleaning some of those spaces. After decluttering and cleaning the upstairs, I went back downstairs and wiped down the hardwood floors. I don’t like using chemical cleaner, so I mixed some baking soda and lemon juice for a healthier alternative for the floor. It felt so nice to get all three floors of my home organized and clean.

Now that my home is a healthier and happier one, I was ready to relax. I ran a nice, hot bath and put a few splashes of all natural grapeseed oil and green tea extract in it. It does wonders for my skin and is so much healthier than a synthetic perfume. After a long day of cleaning, I was totally ready to enjoy a hot bath in my healthier, cleaner home.

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