Needing Another Garage

detached garage with living space

Like many American families, we have a lot of stuff. Our family of five accumulates a huge amount of clothes, toys and accessories over the years. I live in one of those beautifully rustic farmhouses in the woods with my three dogs, two sons, one daughter and loving husband. Our home was built with a front entry two-car garage, and now it can hardly accommodate one of our cars. It seems that sports equipment, garden tools and our four wheelers have taken over the space. It was time to get another garage.

We started our quest by a simple drive around the area to look at other homes and garages. We saw all kinds of them, from one-car to four-car capacities. Some of them were side entry garages and some were drive-under garages. I think the most common type that we saw in our area were front-entry attached garages, like the one we have. One that particularly stood out to me was a “courtyard” type of garage, where an enchanting courtyard area connected the garage to the home. I really liked the landscaping opportunities that were created with this design.

It was obvious that we would have to narrow down our selection after searching for detached garage plans, since we already have an attached garage. I was pretty excited about this, since it gave me more opportunities to create a delightful courtyard of my own between the garages. First we had to plan out where exactly the foundation should be placed. We wanted it right next to the driveway and about thirty feet from our home. Luckily, we have a friend who is handy with construction, and he helped us level the ground as well as build the garage.

At first, we considered building one of those apartment garages instead. We thought it would be an excellent place for the kids to play as they get older. However, we did not want to have to connect the water line to this new garage, so we continued looking for garages without water needs. There were a lot of plans to choose from on the web, but we narrowed it down to plan #002D-6002 from It is the perfect size and has a convenient loft workshop that will be great for extra storage.

garage plan with loft and workshop

The style of this plan was very similar to our house, so we knew that it would compliment our existing home very well. Plus, we loved the double door opening into the separated room. Once we had the structure built, it was time to decide on exterior colors and other finishing touches. Since we just constructed a new building, we wanted to give it an attractive and matching exterior. The nature-inspired theme seemed to work well for us so far, so we went it a natural brown color. We took full advantage of the double-door entry too. We painted the garage and entry doors a darker brown, just to give a bit of contrast to the building. The remaining area that was dug up around the garage was filled in with matching rock from our driveway. I must say, it turned out better than I would have ever imagined.

This new garage was just the perfect addition to our yard. We were able to clean out our old garage and organize everything in it. Now every vehicle has a spot as well as each piece of equipment has a place of its own. I have been enjoying landscaping my majestic garden in between the buildings. We even put a ping-pong table in the new garage. Then, we hung a dartboard and now the space has turned into an entire recreational room. The kids absolutely love it, except for the fact that there is no bathroom. I guess the next one will HAVE to include plumbing!


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