Time For A New Bay Window

I was fixing dinner in my lovely country kitchen several days ago, when I heard the distinct sound of breaking glass. I turned the stove off to go investigate the mess that I would probably have to clean up. As I entered the living room, there was a baseball lying on the floor and my entire front window had not only been broken, but also completely shattered. I then heard the faint whimpers of my son outside who was standing there with his baseball bat. My annoyance quickly dissipated when I saw the tears welling up in his eyes. After a big hug and assuring him that dad will “not freak out,” I went back to the task of cleaning up the broken glass. We had a chat about it when my husband came home during dinner, and we figured this was a good opportunity to upgrade the entire front window. Since our home looks just like all the other ranch home designs on the block, we decided to install a fancy bay window that would add more curb appeal to the exterior and provide a cozy spot to enjoy the light.

exterior bay window

Luckily it was Friday, so the next day we all went out to see what kind of bay windows are available. My husband, the master carpenter, has already carefully measured the space and done the appropriate calculations for installing the bay window. He assured me that he and his brother could get this done by the end of the weekend. Even though I had my doubts, I took him up on the offer (like I had a choice) and we were soon driving home with supposedly all the pieces of our new bay window.

First, they had to tear out the existing window frame without completely damaging the structural integrity of the house. Completion of that was successful by noon and we all took a break for lunch. Then they began installing the protruding pieces of the top of the bay and the window seat area. We picked the widest angle, which was 150 degrees, to install because it will give a larger seating space in the bay area. Since my house was warming up thanks to the gaping hole in it, my son and I went off to the pool to cool off and avoid my worries that I will have a hole in my house forever. I was so happy and surprised to see that they were very close to completion when we arrived home from swimming and it was looking beautiful! I must admit that I made my husband sit on the bayed part first, just in case it would buckle underneath the weight of a person. He happily obliged and I was amazed at the sturdiness of the new bay window. I even joked to my son that it could hold up against baseballs, but warmed him not to test that out.

With the installation now behind us, Sunday was spent painting and finishing the interior of the bay window. I wanted it to remain bright and did not want it to clash with my light blue walls, so we added this reflective white panel to the seating space and nailed white trim around the window. I know a lot of people will hang blinds in their bays, but I wanted my brand new windows to supply plenty of light to our open floor plan. I also wanted something that wouldn’t block the window, but give a framing effect. After digging through my linens, I found the perfect color sheet and ironed pleats into it. It definitely took some care and patience to hang, but the end result was absolutely stunning.

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