New Year’s Fun and Lucky Foods

Every New Years Eve, my family gathers to celebrate the wonderful past year as well as the hopeful future. I have a pretty big family: two brothers with their families, my three children and six grandchildren (so far). So you can imagine how much fun the family get-togethers are at my two-story home. Luckily, we have one of those home designs with a finished basement that adds extra space for the little kiddos to run around and play. While they play downstairs, my daughters and I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen preparing all of the festive foods that are lucky for the New Year.

beans and legumes

I love my country kitchen because it is perfect for such occasions with its open floor plan and plenty of counterspace. We always start with my favorite New Year’s food: the ever-classic black-eye peas. I cook them with pork sausage and they are so delicious, as well as extremely lucky. All kinds of beans and peas symbolize wealth thanks to their coin-like appearance. In addition to the beans, cooked greens such as cabbage and kale also symbolize money because of their green color & folded money disguise. Plus, they are extremely healthy.


My daughter has always been a huge fish lover. Herring, carp and cod are the best to eat on New Year’s Eve. The history behind the good fortune of fish is quite interesting. Not only do their scales resemble coins, but they also swim in schools that can be compared to moving forward into the New Year. High in nutrients like Omega 3s, fish is an excellent lucky choice and mixes well with beans and legumes.

As far as the kiddos go, fish and beans are not their foods of choice. We always make sure to get an abundance of grapes, especially for the children. Grapes symbolize prosperity and make a healthy alternative to some of the other sweet foods that I quite enjoy.

bundt cake

Speaking of sweet goods, cakes and donuts are a definite must-have for a New Year’s celebration. We always make at least one round cake, symbolizing the year completing its full circle. I like to hide a coin inside the cake, and whoever finds it becomes the luckiest one of all. My daughters help with the donuts by filling the full ones with apples, while dusting powdered sugar on the round ones. All of this sugar helps keep the kids up until midnight, however, they come crashing down very soon after the New Year begins.

It is so much fun to enjoy my delightful family and lucky food on the last day of the passing year. Don’t forget to avoid eating winged animals on this day, since that could cause your good luck to fly away. Be sure to cook, play, drink and be merry for hours on end. Wishing you all a very lucky New Year!!

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