Exquisite Outdoor Dining

luxury outdoor living area

We just moved into one of the most gorgeous Mountain home plans in the beautiful Northwest. It is one of those sprawling and luxurious ranch homes with spectacular living areas. Now that the kids are older, we decided to move into the dream home that we always wanted. The thing that really drew us into this home was the amazing outdoor kitchen on the rear deck. It has the most beautiful view overlooking the trees and the mountains in the distance. Plus, we love to have friends over and entertain guests and family. So we were really excited about finally being able to create a sensational outdoor dining experience.

It was kind of nice to be able to start with a clean slate. It left the possibilities open for anything that we desire. At first we thought that a long, majestic dining table would be a good choice, but we decided against it after some discussion. We have noticed that when friends visit, they have a tendency to break up into groups. It is a natural thing for people to do since large crowds can feel overwhelming at times. So we decided to have two sitting areas on our grilling deck, rather than one large one. One should be a more casual, lounge area with a coffee or end table, while the other can be a nice outdoor table with seating. The deck was definitely big enough for two spaces instead of one.

Then we were ready to pick out furniture for our deck. There were so many different types of furniture, from wood and wicker to metal and plastic. We knew that we wanted it to match the surroundings of the deck, and it has very nice wrought iron railing. So we found some great lounge seating made of iron that looked a lot like the railing. Luckily for us, it can as a set of four pieces, including a loveseat, long bench and two round tables. Plus it was on sale! Next we had to decide what colors to pick as our outdoor décor, and we went for a natural red and tan combination. It would look very nice with a background of green trees. After looking around a bit more, we saw an iron dining table that was just perfect for the other dining space. We opted to buy a red umbrella for the table to block the sun and rain, since this spot was more out in the open than the other area. I also added a few comfortable throw pillows and fragrant candles to the lounge space. Our outdoor dining area was really coming together!!

Since our deck had stairs down to the backyard, we also wanted to do a bit of landscaping. We planted some beautiful lavender plants that provide the best smells during summer. I also planted some marigolds that help keep the bugs away. While we were shopping, I found these unique solar lights that are in the shapes of butterflies. I just loved them so much that I bought a dozen! They look excellent with the lavender, almost like the glowing butterflies are landing on the plants. They also give a bit more soft lighting when the sun goes down. My husband didn’t think that was enough light, so he wired and installed brighter ground lights that illuminate the pathway. Now our guests can enjoy out spectacular outdoor dining area late into the night!

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