My New Outdoor Living Area

outdoor kitchen and living area


My husband and I have an enormous backyard and live in one of those lovely Country French home plans right in the heart of the South. We have always wanted to do something with the large piece of land we live on, but just have never known what to do.

It seems like lately that more and more of my neighbors are investing their income in their own homes and staying home and entertaining rather than going on pricey vacations. So why not join the bandwagon and create an awesome outdoor entertainment area with our piece of land that we will be able to enjoy day after day?

The first step in planning this living space is to figure out what features I would like to include in my backyard getaway. I don’t want to spend too much money on expensive amenities, but at the same time I want the space to be the popular hang out spot. So I’m thinking that I want to invest in a deluxe grill, some comfy outdoor sofas, chairs and a table, and a big screen television so we can dine and relax all at the same time.

To achieve the ultimate outdoor room that I want, I need to make a seamless transition from the indoor spaces of my home to the outdoors. This can be done by first selecting a patio surface that is similar to my interior flooring. Since my interior rooms are mainly light wood finishes, I’ve chosen to stick with that theme for the outdoor space as well. For my furniture, I want to stick with a neutral color (white) and then brighten up the area with fun patterns, which is generally how I would describe my interior style too. Since I do live in one of those Country French style homes, of course I will be adding colorful floral patterns for the pillows and decorating the surrounding area with beautiful flowers.

The last thing I need to add to complete my outdoor entertainment area is some lighting. To add the elegance and country charm the interior of my home has, I have chosen to spotlight the dining spot with a chandelier so my husband and I can enjoy romantic dinners outside on our new outdoor room.

I can’t wait to enjoy endless nights on my new outdoor patio area! This new addition just added to the splendor of my Country French home.

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