Planting My Lovely Window Boxes

craftsman shutter with flower box


My family and I have been living in this darling Craftsman home for a few years now. We used to live in one of those apartment garages, but after our second child was born, we realized we needed a bit more space. We love our current home and greatly enjoy the porch and outdoor living spaces. That was one thing that we did not have too much of at the apartment garage. The first few years we spent a lot of time, money and effort into landscaping the yard. Craftsman homes provide the perfect opportunity to decorate the exterior. We did everything from stone walkways to planting trees and shrubs. Now that we have established our dream outdoor living area, I decided to focus on some minor decorative details.

I noticed that our lovely Arts & Crafts home has been missing shutters all these years we have been living there. It’s amazing how easy it is to overlook simple details such as these. Since we were going to install some decorative shutters, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to put up some pretty planter boxes as well. This would also help with matching the planter boxes with the shutters. I knew I wanted something that matched the rest of the house, yet was easy and simple to maintain. Since the shutters that we picked out were a beautiful dark brown, I found some planter boxes that were the same color but made out of plastic for durability. My husband wanted to get a metal planter box, but I thought that it would get way too hot for the plants to live in the summer. They were just a bit longer than the width of the window also, and I knew it was going to look very charming with the shutter and brick siding combination.

Now we were ready to pick out some flowers for the planter boxes. I was really happy with the depth of the box and knew that flowers were going to do well in the planter. We have two planter boxes that were going to be on the shady side of the house, while the other two were going to be more in the sun. We picked some English Ivy and snapdragons for one shady box, while the other we planted some different colored petunias for a colorful arrangement. One of the sunny boxes consisted of sweet potato vines mixed with bright red geraniums. The vines are the perfect trailer plants that grow well and flow over the side of the boxes. We planted some herbs in the other sunny box. This one, however, we kept them in their individual pots and filled in with soil, so the herbs would not grow into each other. I picked out rosemary, basil and cilantro for the herb boxes. I love fresh cilantro in salads and salsa.

Once they were all installed and planter, I was surprised at how that freshened up the exterior of our home. Hanging out on our covered porch is even more fun with the beauty of the planter boxes. Also, the kids love to help me water them every day. I can’t believe we overlook this simple yet impressionable touch for so many years that we having been living here. And I especially love my herb planter box. Now, all I have to do is to pick some fresh tomatoes and onions from the garden, and mix it with some fresh basil and cilantro for the most delicious salsa!

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