Tree Stump To Mini Garden


mini garden with fountain

Since I moved into my little ranch home design three years ago, there has been a fairly large tree stump sticking up in my front yard. We used to live in one of the duplex homes, but finally decided to get a separate place. Some people probably wouldn’t have bought the house till that was gone, but I just loved the privacy fence that surrounded the backyard. Even though there was a giant stump, there were so many other qualities that I loved about the house. I am pretty sure the tree was cut down because it was too close to the power lines. For three years, we just mowed around it. This year I finally decided to do something about it.

My first thought was to find some sort of decorative piece to place upon it, and then do a bit of landscaping around it. I visited a few retail stores and found a cute little angel bird bath that was only $15. I was very excited about that, since most of the outdoor décor that I found online was thirty dollars or more. After getting it home, however, I realized that I would have to alter my plans a little bit. The tree stump had deteriorated so much that is was just falling into pieces. It was time for a new game plan.

After discovering how easily the stump was to break apart, I grabbed my tiller and shovel and went to work breaking it down. It didn’t take too long to break it up since the ants and termites did a lot of the work last year. In fact, I found some termite eggs as the stump was being torn into pieces. Then I was left with a big pile of broken wood pieces. How was I supposed to balance a birdbath over jagged wood chips? The answer was only a few steps away. I shoveled a large amount of the wood chips into a bag and used them as mulch for the large tree in the front yard. Not only did it make the tree look fresher, but it also took care of my problem of too many wood chips.

Now with the stump pretty well removed, I figured I could add some garden soil and make an adorable little flower garden in the empty spot. I went to the local garden store and purchased 30 angled blocks for $1 each, a large bag of garden soil for $6, and a bag of cypress mulch for $2. When I was waiting to checkout, I passed the perennial flower section and thought that the orange poppy was so cute. So I decided to purchase that for $5. I could have bought more flowers for my new garden, but I knew that I have a bunch of irises in my back yard that I needed to divide and replant somewhere else anyway. This was the perfect spot for the irises since they love full sun locations.

I was surprised at how easily I was able to level the blocks. I usually use sand and a tamper, but I was able to till the soil and get it flat enough for the blocks to rest level. I purchased enough blocks for two levels, since I was going to fill it in with soil as well. It was pretty much easy sailing from there on out. I dumped the bag of soil in the circle and made a stable platform for the birdbath. Then I planted my irises and the poppy plant as well as spread a layer of mulch for finished look. When I was done, I really wished that I had taken a before picture. I was so impressed with how well it turned out and only for $58! A lady walking her dogs even gave me props by saying, “That’s looks so nice, and so much better than that tree stump!” I think my next task will be planting a new tree just behind it.

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