Springing Up My Home

vase of daffodils

I am SO ready for spring. Everyone gets into that mood around March, when we all are tired of the cold and the dead grass. The morning frost has become more annoying than beautiful like it was back in autumn. We long for warmth, sunshine and chirping birdies. The official first day of spring is right around the corner, even though the weather may not completely agree. I live in one of those Craftsman homes so I have been thinking about getting the inside bright and cheerful, while I wait for the warmer weather so I can garden outdoors. It is at least a good start to getting that much closer to spring.

First things first, I really need to do a thorough cleaning. I have one of those two-story homes with a daylight basement, so we have a lot of space for things to pile up. Especially after a winter of being stuck indoors with my two dogs, three children and husband, the house really needed a good cleaning. After removing all the toys and clothes from the floors, I picked up all of the rugs, rinsed them down and put them outside to dry. Then I vacuumed the entire house. About two hours and several dumpings of the vacuum canister later, my floors looked fresh again. I had no idea that my dogs shed that much. I even moved my furniture around to get to those hard to reach areas. I figured if I am doing this, I better take the extra time and clean thoroughly. The kitchen was my next task, since it the most visited and dirtiest place in the house. I emptied out and wiped down the refrigerator as well as organized and cleaned the cabinets. Then it was laundry time. I took down all my curtains and sent them to the wash. Noticing the dryer vent was clogged, I cleaned and replaced the vent for the dryer, stove and air conditioner. It took me about a day to get all this cleaning done, but now I am ready to redecorate for spring.

cheerful sunroom

After some contemplation, I decided what better room to redesign than the sunroom. I spend a lot of time dreaming of spring, while gazing out the windows in that room, so I knew it was time to repaint and decorate. Originally, the room had old wallpaper, so I tore all that down and painted in a neutral beige color. I picked a sage green color for the door and window trim, since it was a calming and natural color perfect for a sunroom. Plus, it let the new wicker furniture with patterned cushions really stand out against the neutral colors. The warm sunlight was so nice that I didn’t put the curtains or blinds back up. With the heavy curtains down and the lighter furniture in place, the entire room was looking a lot like springtime.

Since some time has past while I was decorating the sunroom, the tulips and daffodils were blooming outside in my garden. Although the trees don’t have leaves yet, the grass is starting to turn a bit greener and it was a welcoming sight to see the flowers. I cut some fresh daffodils to put in a vase next to one of my kitchen windows. It looked so pretty that I went flower crazy around my house. I found my container of silk flowers and made bouquet arrangements for every table. Some I put in vases, while others I placed in terra cotta pots. Now that flowers were everywhere, I really wanted the smell of spring. So I headed out to the store and bought some fresh new candles in every flowery scent that was available. Spring has definitely sprung up inside my home!

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