Summer Clean-Up and De-Cluttering

stack of books

Now that I am home for the summer and not running kids back and forth to school and their activities, I can start tackling all of those cleaning duties I let go of for so long. My husband and I own one of those cozy ranch homes with our two little boys. During the school year, things get hectic. My husband is traveling, while I am trying to keep up with the energy of two boys.

My home has really suffered from this busy schedule, and I am beginning to feel like a hoarder with the amount of clutter that has surfaced all over. There are stacks and stacks scattered throughout the kitchen of the kids’ artwork, report cards, and every graded piece of homework they came home with… I could literally bury myself in them. The boys’ rooms are packed with toys that they don’t even play with anymore. It is finally time to take control of my home again!

I’ve decided to concentrate on a small area, this way I stay motivated and do not overwhelm myself. My youngest son’s room is filled with a lot of his old baby stuff I just couldn’t part with. He just has too much new stuff now to keep holding onto the old stuff. So I’m making three piles for all of his old baby stuff: one is for keepers, another is the throw away pile, and finally the donation pile. I feel bad getting rid of his old Little People toys and racetrack, but he hasn’t played with it in years. It will be going to good use, though, for someone else who will play with it more.

I finished sorting through all of my son’s old toys and clothes, and now I am ready to dispose of the three piles I created so I don’t second-guess my decisions. While I am out donating the items to charity, I’m going to treat myself to something sweet and give myself a little break before I start dealing with another part of the house.

Now that I have gone through every room and gotten rid of, or put everything back into their proper places, I have to do a better job of keeping it this way. To help keep my house tidy, I’ve decided for every one new item I bring into the house I have to get rid of one old item, and every night after I tuck the boys in I will put everything back in their proper drawers and storage containers. Experiencing first hand the early stages of hoarding, I see how this could happen to a homeowner.


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