Learn Ways To Beat The Heat

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Sealing driveways is definitely a hot job. I would know because I do all kinds of pavements from driveways to parking lots. It is also a job that is usually performed during the warmer months, since it does not work very well when it’s freezing outside. So I am definitely used to working under extremely hot conditions and usually during the hottest times in the afternoons. It is very important to not let your body overheat. Heat stroke can send even the healthiest person to the hospital. But there are a lot of tricks that I use to keep cool and beat the heat exhaustion.

I was working on a customer’s driveway just the other day. She has one of those beautiful Southern home plans with a driveway that seems to never end. Plus it was mid August, so I knew that this was going to be no Sunday stroll in the park. I tried to prepare well by wearing loose, light colored clothes. I also had frozen some water in bottles and strawberries the night before. I have found that frozen strawberries are the perfect snack when working during the hottest time of the day. I didn’t have any coffee that morning since I heard that caffeine can assist with dehydration. I also packed some other fruit and light snacks to get me through the afternoon. I usually avoid eating a big meal until the day is over. Big lunches really slow me down and they seem to create more heat that I don’t want.

After putting some sunscreen on my face, I felt prepared to tackle this task. When I started to feel weak, I took breaks under a tree and drank a lot of water. I have a handy trick of tying a frozen handkerchief around my wrists to help cool off my pulse points. I would also chew on some ice whenever I took breaks. Occasionally the owner of the home would check on me to make sure I was doing alright. She was extremely friendly and even invited me in a few times to cool off in the A.C. She also made the best lemonade that I ever had.

We talked quite a bit about the heat. She said she had a brother that almost died from heat exhaustion several years ago. He was working on a roof in July and started to feel dizzy. Trust me that feeling dizzy and being on a roof is not a good combination. Fortunately, he was able to get to the ladder and get down safely, but passed out on the grass. Luckily, some of his coworkers called an ambulance and began cooling down his body. He woke up in the hospital with an extreme headache, but as happy to be alive.

We also talked about her other home improvement ideas. She said that her home is one of those house plans with a walk-out basement would be perfect for putting a veranda and pool in the backyard someday. I told her that I thought her side-entry driveway design offered plenty of space for a stylish courtyard in the front. She thought that was a great idea and wondered if I did any of those kind of home improvement jobs. I referred her to a few of my friends that do landscaping, but informed her that I usually just stick to driveways.

After chatting a bit and cooling off from the heat, I decided to get back to work sealing her driveway. With my surprise, I was able to finish the driveway before the sun went down. The sweet lady came out to praise my hard work and bid me farewell. I wish all the customers were as nice and accommodating. When I got home, I took the most refreshingly cool shower and reflected on a good day’s work done.

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