What Is An Ultimate Kitchen?

When I think of “ultimate kitchens” I think of those big, professionally decorated kitchens you see in magazines – the ones that are so pristine one couldn’t possibly imagine dirtying a dish. In reality, ultimate kitchen floor plans really don’t have to be big – they just have to be functional.

ultimate kitchen design

Functionality of the three major appliances is a must. The stove, refrigerator and sink need to be arranged so that they don’t hinder the cooking process. To be as useful as possible they need to be within close proximity.

The stove can be a stand-alone with an oven on the bottom and vent or microwave on top or it can be a cook top with a grill or skillet insert with a double oven. The possibilities are endless. You have to decide what will work best in your kitchen floor plan space and how much cooking space you need. Make sure when planning your kitchen you have plenty of counter space by the stove for spoons, spices, etc. A recent addition to many kitchens is a warming drawer. Once the food is prepared simply set it in the drawer until everything is prepared and the family is ready to sit down.

The sink is the item in the kitchen that gets the most use. You don’t want to be standing at it and looking at the wall. Locate it in front of a window or in an island or breakfast bar so the view is pleasing. Also remember to leave room on either side for the dishwasher. For functionality many new kitchens are being outfitted with a second sink. One sink is used for preparing food and the other is used for cleaning up. The same goes for dishwashers. One is used for delicate glasses and plates and the other for pots and pans.

contemporary kitchen floor plan

The refrigerator is the largest appliance in the kitchen and is used by many. There are many sizes, types, colors, finishes, door and drawer options and dispenser options. Whatever you choose make sure you leave plenty of space so that the doors and drawers can open all the way. If you place it up against a wall the door needs to open fully so read the manufacturer specifications for the correct clearance needed. Many refrigerators fronts can be customized to match your cabinetry. This really adds to the ultimate kitchen design look and feel.

luxury country style kitchen floor plan

Some other items to think about when planning your ultimate kitchen are cabinets, countertops, planning centers, pantries, electric outlets, islands and eating space.

For more terrific kitchen ideas or to view ultimate kitchen floor plans, visit www.houseplansandmore.com.

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