Covered and Wrap-Around Porch Design Ideas

country craftsman home with covered front porch

One normally pictures Farmhouse, Craftsman, Plantation and Country home plans as having wide, wrap-around porches that surround the home or covered porches in the front and also in the rear. Cozy images enter our thoughts of porch swings, rocking chairs, lemonade, big lazy dogs and that “Oh so precious” family time. Our family has so many commitments we don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy one another’s company. If we do slow down it seems our quiet family time is shared with the TV, computer, phone, iPod and all the other electronic devices that keep us connected 24/7. That may be family time but definitely not “quality” family time.

country style porch

We have lived in our home for over fifteen years and have always wanted to add a porch to the front. We put on an addition about five years ago and added the door but have not moved forward on the porch. The time has come. Over the years I have collected a lot of information about porch styles, material options, furniture and accessories. The porch we add needs to enhance the front of our home as well as create a cozy place to relax for the entire family.

I love the wrap-around porches that span the entire front of the home and then wrap around the corners and basically surround the exterior of the home. Unfortunately the exterior of our home will not lend itself to this. But I know we will be equally happy with a wide front porch that will be covered. A covered porch will definitely get more use. We will be able to use it when the sun is shining and even if it is raining. With it being covered, lighting and fans can be added. Soft lighting that adds charm as well as brighter lighting for night reading and board games. Outdoor ceiling fans will be a great addition not only move the warm summer air but to keep pesky bugs from bothering us.

sweeping covered country porch

The width of the porch will be dependent on what type of furniture arrangement we choose. The assortment is huge and ranges from lounge chairs, conversation sets, rockers and hammocks and styles from Traditional to Contemporary. To accent the frames of wicker, wrought iron, resin and aluminum there are plenty of choices in fabric and cushions that are made to withstand the weather. The biggest decision is what fits your personal style and also complements the exterior.

Once that furniture decision has been made the fun begins. It is time to accessorize! We are leaning towards a neutral color in the furniture cushions and plan to add accents that are bold, bright and colorful. There are many patterns available in pillows and outdoor rugs. Plaid, floral, geometric, and on and on, but one thing for certain is the choice will be good quality and weather and mold resistant. Also things to think about while decorating is artwork that can be hung outdoors, wind chimes, waterfalls, candles, vases and of course, outdoor plants. With so many options available it will be important to make sure we don’t go overboard. I don’t want the porch to be cluttered, just decorated in a way that is peaceful and relaxing and doesn’t require any maintenance other than the occasional wipe down.

To spruce things up and aesthetically tie it all-together we may want to add some flowering plants to the landscape in the front and also paint the shutters with accent colors that match the porch color scheme. This way the porch won’t seem like an afterthought but will stand out as a focal point.

In the beginning I’m not sure the entire family will agree with me but soon they will come around. It is time to spend some quality time together and not be connected to electronics but to one another. The porch will be our refuge. It will soon be our place to relax after a long day and have a change to sit back and talk.

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