Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home

ridding your home of bugs

We just bought a new Lake house plan and it didn’t take long to realize that we were not alone in the house. I’m not talking about ghosts – I’m talking about bugs, spiders and even a little field mice. We did a walk through of the house about 6 months ago when the owners still lived in it. We did not take possession until a couple of weeks ago and did not realize that they didn’t do such a great job of cleaning up before they left so after they moved out the bugs moved in. I have never had a pest problem and didn’t know where to begin. I used the web and also the advice from a professional pest control company to finally rid our home of the little varmints.

If you have access to a professional pest control company that is the best way to rid your house of insects. If not, here are some great tips I’ve come across.

For mice, the old fashioned way of setting a spring trap loaded with cheese or peanut butter works or there is also the little box filled with glue that stops them in their place. The only problem with that is getting rid of them once they are dead. Make sure you use rubber gloves and put them in a sealed bag before throwing them away.

For insects and moths that have made their home in containers and clothes the best way is to freeze them out. Put the infested items in plastic bags and put them in the freezer for at least 72 hours. This will kill all stages of household pests and won’t damage any of your stuff.

Spiders and other insects are so disgusting and seem to multiply very fast. The best way is to exterminate. But if you don’t want harmful sprays to stink up your house just use your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum up the insects, bugs and food on the floor and then empty your vacuum contents into a sealed bag before throwing it away.

The best defense for cockroaches and ants is to try to kill the entire colony. Get a bait station that they will feed on and then they will transfer the poison back to the nest. That way you are eliminating a large amount at a time – not just one bug at a time.

Now that I know how to get rid of them I need to prevent them from infesting our home again. What I found was the most important thing is to keep the house clean, most importantly the area where food is prepared and stored. Never put potatoes, dry goods and other food on the floor. This just gives the rats and mice a perfect opportunity to get a free meal. It is also important to clean up anything that is spilled on the floor that would attract insects. Make sure that the garbage can is emptied regularly and that no food remnants have fallen out of the trash and onto the floor. If you have inside pets it is also a good idea to move their food and water bowls from the floor every night.

The garbage disposal is a wonderful thing but it needs to be run regularly. You need to turn it on after food is put down the drain. If not, the food just sits, rots, smells and attracts bugs. This is the perfect feeding bowl for cockroaches. It is also a good idea to regularly clean your garbage disposal. You can purchase cleaning tablets or simply pour a little bit of bleach down the drain.

What it also important is to do a walk around your entire house to look at possible ways they are entering your home. The area outside can get moist and damp and the insects are no different than you and I – they want to come in and get dry. You need to close the doors on them. Fill in cracks and openings around areas such as electrical, plumbing, cable, phone and basically any opening that a tiny little ant can crawl in. Make sure you also take a good look at your window screens and patch up any tears or holes.

Before we start entertaining in our new lake house design I want to make sure it is bug-free. I am going to take all the necessary steps to make sure everything is sealed up and cleaned out. I want to be able to sit back, relax and have peace of mind that our unwanted guests have moved on.

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