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Breaking In The Wet Bar

October 24, 2012   No Comments

    For the longest time, the daylight basement of our house plan remained a pretty much unfinished space. My wife and I both worked full time and we had four young kids, so there wasn’t much spare time available. At first, it was used primarily as storage space but as the kids grew, we […]

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Opening Up My Small Kitchen

September 28, 2012   1 Comment

  My husband and I just got married a month ago and are now moving into our first home together. It is one of those quaint, little ranch home plans that make the perfect starter home. It has an adorable covered front porch that I know we will enjoy spending time there. The two bedroom […]

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“A Place in the Sun” Room

July 6, 2012   2 Comments

On a recent trip with my husband to his parents’ house in rural Tennessee, I fell in love with their new sunroom. They live in one of those quaint cottage homes on the edge of a small town, so the surrounding countryside provides an excellent view, especially from their new sunroom! Ever since we arrived, […]

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Perfect Wine And Wine Cellar

January 17, 2012   No Comments

  The ruby wedding anniversary is a special one. Spending 40 years together gives a couple a wonderful reason to celebrate and my parents are off celebrating their 40th with a month long trip to Europe. That gives my siblings and I just 30 days to install their anniversary gift – a built-in wine cellar. […]

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Live Large Even In A Small Home

August 11, 2011   No Comments

Out with the old and in with the new. We are in the process of moving and instead of upsizing, we are downsizing. With the kids out of the house, our twenty five hundred square foot home felt like a small mansion and truly, we didn’t need that much room for just the two of […]

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Gathering In The Social Kitchen

June 30, 2011   No Comments

I am blessed to have a large family and also a close-knit community. There are always extra people at our home and we are constantly entertaining people in some manner. From the elaborate holiday gatherings to the impromptu get-togethers I always have to be prepared to entertain in our home. When we first moved in […]

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Covered and Wrap-Around Porch Design Ideas

June 1, 2011   No Comments

One normally pictures Farmhouse, Craftsman, Plantation and Country home plans as having wide, wrap-around porches that surround the home or covered porches in the front and also in the rear. Cozy images enter our thoughts of porch swings, rocking chairs, lemonade, big lazy dogs and that “Oh so precious” family time. Our family has so […]

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Great Ways To Transform Your Home

April 14, 2011   1 Comment

My husband can always tell when I’m getting a little restless. I start moving things around the house and he can’t find them. We have lived in one of those cute country cottage home plans for about three years now and when we first moved in I decorated it to be perfect. I had a […]

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Home Remodeling Trends

March 14, 2011   3 Comments

We are in the process of moving and have recently purchased one of those cute little country home plans that is the perfect size for the two of us.  It is an older home so we want to fix some things up. Since the weather is too cold to work outside we have started on […]

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Home Trends That Have Run Their Course

February 15, 2011   No Comments

Over the years it has been interesting to see how home trends have changed. I live on the outskirts of a large city and when we first moved into the area there were many new subdivisions being built. And you know how fun it is to walk through the model homes and see the newest […]

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