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What to Know: Building Codes

March 18, 2009   1 Comment

Building a dream home involves many new and exciting challenges that often require extensive planning and research. Homeowners usually begin the process by spending countless hours searching for the perfect home plan and location that fits their lifestyle and needs, followed by interviewing several contractors for home construction. Decisions then must be made about every […]

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Simple Ways to Cut Costs Everyday

March 3, 2009   1 Comment

Saving money is one thing on homeowners’ minds these days with rising costs placing a grasp on many budgets. More people are looking for cost-effective ways to rest and rejuvenate in their home, while cutting back on resources and the wallet. But how, in a world of economic hardship, can families save more than pennies […]

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Safe Rooms

February 13, 2009   No Comments

Building a dream home involves many new and exciting decisions – from choosing a spacious kitchen layout that fits your family’s needs to selecting the perfect storage space for all your storage woes. But where will you build your new dream home? Many areas in the world are prone to natural disasters of varying degrees. […]

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Energy Efficiency Tax Breaks

January 30, 2009   No Comments

Making certain upgrades to your home may just save you money! The nation’s tax system has several money saving opportunities available for those homeowners seeking to make their homes more energy efficient. Although the tax system is very complex and often overwhelming for many consumers, it is worth the time and effort to check out […]

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Bonus Rooms Create Flexibility

January 23, 2009   No Comments

You’ve envisioned the perfect dream home for years – and now you’ve found it! It has the perfect amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and living room, and ideal storage space for all of your storage woes. It even has a bonus room! The beauty of a bonus room is that you can […]

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The Popular One-Story Home

January 16, 2009   No Comments

Today’s homes are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every family’s lifestyle and needs. What is one person’s dream abode may not be suited for another. Therefore, it’s important to put in the extra time and effort to search for the perfect home that you’ll love a lifetime. Keeping that in […]

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The Serene Home

January 3, 2009   No Comments

It’s not too difficult to picture a dream home where peaceful décor provides a constant oasis for rest and relaxation. Most homeowners everywhere dream for an atmosphere where gentle sounds and smells fill the home with complete comfort and joy. Luckily, refreshing your home to reflect a truly serene place for you and your family […]

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Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

December 19, 2008   No Comments

Many people spend years pouring their money into renting a house or apartment that doesn’t fit their needs. When the opportunity to buy a home finally arrives, chances are they have an idea of what style and features they desire. But after spending countless hours or even months searching for the perfect home to purchase, […]

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Radiant Floor Heating

December 12, 2008   No Comments

When the leaves begin to fall and the air becomes cooler, many homeowners go to great lengths to prepare for the cold season ahead. Scarves, gloves and cozy sweaters are gathered from storage and the smell and feel of a warm fire begins to trickle throughout the home. But what about all those drafty areas […]

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Smart Storage Solutions

December 5, 2008   No Comments

Have you ever returned home to find shoes, scarves and other items scattered throughout the home with no real place to belong? Or do you often come across out of place items that you longer need, want or use in the household? For many homeowners with busy schedules, junk can easily pile up and create […]

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